Dog Training-10 Guaranteed Tips For Dog Potty Training

By Dillon Loh

Puppies are very cute and adorable and it is a good companion in the family. Unfortunately, they may bring nightmare to the family if they create messes all over your home. This is the time to start potty training for your puppy. Dogs will not understand our language in the beginning so it is common to yell at the poor innocent soul. So, I shall show you the 10 most effective and easier tips to potty train your dog.

1. Items to have for your dog potty. They must be easy to clean. Have a splash back or even a post to aim at for a male puppy. Last but not lease a ample room for the dog to grow.

2. Newspaper is the most cost effective and easy to use for dog potty training in indoor.

3. In order to prevent the dog making messes again in your house, try to restrict its access to the


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house until it is house trained. A small room with an easy to clean floor will be great for this.

4. Please be reminded not to change the place for the dog until it is well trained because puppy tends to get use to the surface they potty.

5. For indoor training, paper potty training method is the most suitable one, especially for puppies which need to stay indoor.

6. Need to use nature miracle stain and odor remover to clean up and cancel the it’s scent. It can be gotten from local groceries store or online store like Amazon or EBay.

7. Places with accidents happened need to be thoroughly clean up and freshen. This is to prevent the dog from going back to the place to do its business again.

8. Beside that, play and feed them at the place where they had accidents. This is to prevent them from eliminate in the same spot again.

9. Every member in the family need to use the same method else will confuse the puppies, else it will have longer time to potty train them.

10. You must pay more attention to the puppy during the training and critical period.

It will be easier to train younger puppies, you will face more difficult situation for dogs which are not home bred, so they need to be taking extra attention, time, patience and effort. The most important point to take note is dog potty training is to know the correct time IN and time OUT of the dogs. You have to understand their act and behavior probably as they might act different when they need to go. For instance, the dog will smell around the house.

Last but not lease, you need to praise and reward your dog when they do something what you expect them to do or in short do the right thing. This will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Subsequently, it will help on the dog potty training and you will see the result in shortest period of time.

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